F A Qs

1.What is Zip Line activity ?
Zip Line is an adventure activty in which the rider can fly over the valley , river , forest , buildings, hills etc. with the help of rope or wire ropes . In this activity rider moves by the gravity means from upside to down side

2.What is Zip Line – Superman ?
Zip Line – Superman is also a zip line ride in which rider fly like a SUPERMAN which is very exciting , sensational and of course 200% safe because of additional Superman suit along with the full body harness .

3. Who can do it ?
Any one of age 5 years and above can go for Zip Line -Superman ride.
Height - 3 feet and above.
Weight limit : min - 20 kg. , max - 120 kg. Any one accept pregnant women can do these rides. Even blinds and handicaps have done these rides The only thing which matters is YOUR GUTS

4. How safe is it ?
Refer to safety standards . However we have the implacable record of 100% safety and we have proud to announce that .

5. What time does it takes ?
For only Zip Line - Superman ride , in whole process it takes approx. 10 mins And each other adventure activities takes 10-15 mins. Approx.

6. How can I book the rides ?
You have to send mail us for enquiry or can fill enquiry form and then you have to deposit directly into our bank account and send us details of it. Then we send your ticket via email.

7. Would I get my money back if I cancel my ride ?
Refer to terms and conditions.We strongly advise to avoid the situation of cancellation , purchase Flexi tickets to reset your date by five times .