Safety Standards - Mussoorie Adventure Park

1. Our zip lines are designed by the zip-line experts of Colorado USA.
2. Our safety equipments are imported from Europe with the certification of UIAA.
3. Each zip-line is inspected & checked every day before use.
4. Our construction and operation meets to the latest international standards and     Indian govt. guidelines.
5. Our sites are managed by professionally trained staff.
6. Our zip-line and Safety Lines have the weighing capacity of 4000 Kg. to 6000      Kg.
7. Our Zip-line- Superman suit is also for an additional safety to ensure 200%      safety.
8. We always use supporting wire rope for 200% safety (we are the only in India      who do the same.)
9. Our strength is the highly qualified, trained, responsible and experienced       instructors by NIM (Nehru institute of mountaineering) specially trained for       Zipline - superman (Sky Ride).
10. We have medical assistance in our site area but in an emergency Govt.       Hospitals are 3 km from the site and the famous Mussoorie town in only 7       Kms.
11. However we have the impeccable record of 100% safety and we have       proud to announce that .