T & C

Terms and Conditions - Mussoorie Adventure Park

1. All the discounts are valid only for online bookings.
2. Group booking must be online and at least 20 days prior.
3. Only 100 entries will be allotted for one SKY RIDE (Zip Line) in one day.
4. All price and information subject to change without prior notice.
6. The owners and operators of these premises and adventure activities are not     responsible for any injury or damage to property arising from any cause what     so ever (including the negligence of staff) whilst you are on these premises    attending any of the adventure activities will be required to sign the disclaimer    before start of activities.
7. All the online tickets will be send via email address. You have to bring that    tickets at our activity site for entry in SKY RIDE or other adventure activities.
8. 50% of the amount will be refund in case of cancellation of normal tickets till    due date .
9. 50% of the amount will be refund for any unforeseen circumstances, natural     calamities till due date .

Flexi Tickets –
If you are unable to attend any particular adventure activity or package on the date of booking we shell be happy to change your booking to any alternative date which you wish for 5 times (not valid from may 15 to 30th June every Year)