Anshul Bisht
Managing Director

MUSSOORIE ADVENTURE PARK is a place where you can Thrill your self on the edge of your limits.
"The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety."

Gaurav Joshi
IT Corporate Trainer

I could never even imagine that a Zip-line could be such exhilarating experience. Flying over 600 feet breathtaking experience! Thank you for the amazing Ride.

Anshu And Jasmeet
IT Corporates
Zip Lines -superman is the best experience of my life, I want to do it again and again really. I and my team was so excited after rides.

Ravi Gaurav Pandey
NIIT Centre Head
Marvelous...stunning...really breath-taking. Thanks M.A.P. for this memorable and adventurous ride.

Alok Bhandari
Business Man
Zip Line was very motivative, and really without any efforts they made it easy I was flying thanks to them for such a fantastic experience.


Mukul Bisht
Student (JBIT)
I got thrilled in my sevral trainnigs but Zip Lines -superman was so daredavil activity i am impressed and want to do again and again